Syntec Polishing Solution for Helmet

China's government is kicking off a “One Helmet, One Belt” campaign to promote the use of helmets and seat belts. Chinese laws already require motorbike riders to wear helmets and drivers seat belts, but the new push means authorities will enforce the rules vigilantly. That has apparently sparked a buying frenzy.

Guojin Securities Research pointed out that the ''One Helmet and One Belt'' New Deal is about to be implemented. The demand for helmets will erupt in the short term, and the gap may exceed 200 million. However, behind the helmet demand gap is insufficient production capacity and low inventory. The traditional helmet polishing control system is cumbersome to generate, difficult to develop for the second time, and has no comprehensive intelligent compensation function. As a result, helmet polishing is mostly inefficient, slow, and difficult to guarantee.

Hence, Syntec has rolled out a high-speed high-precision five-axis helmet polishing system to help helmet manufacturers improve production efficiency and ensure product quality.

Syntec Polishing System




Advantages of Syntec Package



Syntec five-axis helmet polishing solution adopts EHMC series controller and servo motor to meet incresing production due to high demand and stabilize manufacturing processes. 


  • NC programme command can be set randomly without screen.
  • Post-processing can be applied directly on machine without manual programming.
  • Software can be developed and customized according to your needs.
  • Current compesation function, torque compensation function, auto-rapair of consumables management function


Published : 24-Jun-2020

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