Leantec Robotic arm loading and unloading doubles the production capacity of the lathe!

Lightweight, high-speed, high-precision Leantec SCARA arm reinterprets high-speed automation

2021 Case Sharing£ŁAluminium profile pick and place for robotic arm

Leantec Project References - 2021

Project Tutorial 2021

Unboxing Industrial Robot : Leantec Robotic Arm

Leantec C Series 1468mm Arm Length with 10kg Payload

Leantec Glass Handling Robot

Suction Type End Effector

CNC with 10 kg Gantry Loader + Pick-and-Place Robot

Syntec Gantry Loader + Leantec Robotic Arm + Auto Measurement

Leantec Pick-and-Place Robot for Wood Cutting

Wood Industry Automation Solution

Leantec Automation Solutions

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