About Us

Syntec Technology, inc. was established in 1995. We are a professional CNC controller manufacturer & have long been engaged in the research & development of software & hardware technology for machine tool controllers. Through our commitment in delivering quality products across the market, we have now become the largest CNC controls manufacturer in the Asia-Pacific market.

We bring to Malaysia, a Great Reputation & Quality Products, derived from decades of Research & Development & a strong dedication to our Customers.

Mysyntec Technology Sdn Bhd is a local branch established in Malaysia back in the year of 2016, aiming to provide local technical supports & after sales service to Syntec users.


Focus on Machine Tool Industry


Syntec’s business covers a variety of controller products in the fields of lathe, milling & dedicated machines. With innovative skills as well as value added applications & complete services, it has been the most trustful company in the industry. In addition to the well known reputation in machine tool controllers, Syntec extended its businesses to high-end spindle servo solutions, linear motors, direct drive motors, robots & automation products to meet the demands in automation industry. Coming to the age of “Industry 4.0”, the company also integrated resources to capture the emerging opportunities in hoping to fulfill its vision goal –Trusted Technical Service.

Further more, Syntec has committed to corporate social responsibilities for years. Not just treating our partners & customers with honesty & integrity, the company also offers excellent working environments & benefit packages to employees & their families. Our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) contribute to the social welfare, green environment & education. As the saying goes, we must give back what we have taken from society, thus, we are looking forward to seeing enterprises, schools & communities in Malaysia all grow together.


CNC Machine Retrofit

Repairing old models can be troublesome considering its cost, sustainability, lead time as well as availability of service providers & parts. Our company is able to bring your old, broke down CNC machine back to operation by retrofitting the entire system. Brand new electronics hardware, customized system & software, cutting edge technology & very competitive pricing!


Automation / Customized System

Building a customized machine with no software solution? We can help. From Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Human-Machine Interface (HMI), customize MACRO to multiple axis controller, we can provide you with a total solution.


Robotic Solution

The rising trend of Industry 4.0 has driven company to devote more resources to developing small-scale diversified and customized products. As a subsidiary of Syntec, Leantec provides integrated solutions to bring in a new wave of smart manufacturing and smart factory. Leantec provides and integrates robot solutions in various applications including robot welding, robot tending, robot deburring, robot grinding, and etc. 


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